The problem with organizational silos

by | Mar 15, 2019

Organizational silos create barriers to customer success by inhibiting the levels of coordination and cooperation necessary to retain and grow customer relationships. The hand off from one department to the next creates gaps between expectations set and how they are met.

Distinct organizations may also be motivated to achieve different and possibly conflicting outcomes. Most importantly the lack of coordination between departments inhibits the ability to fully understand customer needs and to act on them. Efforts to add success mangers, onboarding teams, or renewal and expansion sales roles are stopgap measures to address some of the inefficiencies of siloed post-sales organizations. These stopgap efforts are not enough.

The bottom line is that post-sales coordination and cooperation is the key to customer retention and relationship revenue growth and provides opportunities to achieve greater staffing efficiencies. If you cannot achieve the necessary level of inter-department cooperation it’s time to restructure and remove these silos.

Featured: The Transformation of The Service Organization

ServiceXRG examines the current state of service organizations and the forces at work that are driving organizational transformation. This study reveals how the isolated service silos of the past need to evolve into unified entities to drive Customer Success.

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