Beyond Deflection – What to Do with Your “Savings”

Self-help and service automation (e.g. chatbots) provide a means to save money and lower the overall costs of service delivery.  Consider however that savings from deflection represents an opportunity to reinvest to improve service outcomes by reallocating staff to high value activities (e.g. onboarding, adoption, retention, expansion, etc.).  This article introduces the top opportunities to reinvest in service.

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How to Define and Measure Deflection

Using an accurate measure of deflection is imperative. If not measured correctly it is easy to overstate the impact of self-help and service automation on assisted support demand.

The average rate of case deflection within the technology industry is 23%. This article defines deflection and provides a step by step guide to implement a reliable deflection metric.

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Bad Attach? Is There Such a Thing?

If you only care about the first-year revenue from support and maintenance contracts, then any attach is a good attach. If you want to maximize revenue from the support annuity , then contract attach followed by a successful renewal is essential.

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How IBM Support Uses Watson

This Service Innovation profile highlights IBM’s use of its own Watson technologies as a platform to deliver a new approach to service delivery – Cognitive Support.
Through the Service Innovation Series, ServiceXRG highlights examples of innovative approaches to achieve service excellence.

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Customer Success – Why Services Should Lead

The industry is buzzing with talk of customer success, what does it mean for Services? Service organizations are in a unique position to drive customer success initiatives. Who better than Services to understand the challenges customers face in using products and the gratitude that can be earned by helping them.  It is time for Services to take a leadership role in driving the principles of customer success across the company.

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Why Your Customers Don’t Renew Service Contracts and What You Can Do About It

Why aren’t you renewing more of your service contracts. The most common reasons for non-renewal are: Lack of perceived value; a customer stops using your product; a product reaches maturity; or poor service quality. Non-renewal is also caused by poor renewal practices. This article introduces the top reasons for non-renewal and offers practical advice for how to improve renewal rates.

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The SaaS Report announces its Top Women Leaders in SaaS of 2018

The SaaS Report (TSR) announced its Top Women Leaders in SaaS of 2018. TSR received over 3,500 nominations on behalf of hundreds of women leaders. Leadership was assessed across several key areas including integrity, intelligence, drive, company culture, and company growth, and  other areas.

Among those recognized is Jennifer MacIntosh, Vice President of Customer Experience at Coveo Software.  Many of you may know Jen, for those that do not she is a technology services icon and thought leader.  Congratulations to Jen and all who are recognized.

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