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How Much Should You Charge for Support?

The average prices for support programs range from 15.6 percent for a basic level of support to more than 26 percent for a high-end premium offer. Setting the correct price for your support programs begins with a baseline understanding of what your market will bear but ultimately the price must be based on the type and level and entitlements offered. This article offers guidelines for setting the right price for your support programs.

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Should you charge for support?

If you want to make money from support, you need to charge for it and most technology companies do. The majority (89.7%) of technology companies offer some form of fee based support option.

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The problem with organizational silos

Organizational silos create barriers to customer success by inhibiting the levels of coordination and cooperation necessary to retain and grow customer relationships. The hand off from one department to the next creates gaps between expectations set and how they are met. This study reveals how the isolated sales and service silos of the past can evolve to drive Customer Success.

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Creating Positive Customer Experiences

The way we interact with customers directly affects the way they perceive us. When we are responsive, attentive, willing, and able to provide the information or assistance they need, we increase the likelihood of providing a positive experience. When we are difficult to do business with, unable or unwilling to satisfy customers’ needs, indifferent, inept, or rude, chances are the customer will have a bad experience. A satisfying customer experience is critical if we want to positively influence the way customers behave.

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Webinar AI – A Catalyst for Support Transformation

Robert Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport and Tom Sweeny, CEO of ServiceXRG discuss the opportunities and implications of using AI in Support. This webinar explores some of the ways that AI will act as a catalyst to drive transformation of the support operating model. A link to the recorded webinar is provided below.

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AI – A Catalyst for Support Transformation

Support has been relentless in the pursuit of continuous improvement, yet the function of Support has remained fundamentally unchanged for decades. The logical evolution of Support is to focus more effort on developing and sustaining long term profitable customer relationships. Many Support organizations want to be more customer-success focused, but few have the capacity to change. To make this transition, Support resources need to focus on high value activities such as helping customers adopt and succeed with the products they purchase. AI is a critical catalyst to enable this inevitable Support transformation.

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Are you organized for Customer Success?

Coordination and cooperation across customer facing departments makes good business sense. So why aren’t more companies creating unified post-sales organizations? ServiceXRG examines the current state of Service and Sales cooperation and the forces at work that are driving organizational transformation. This study reveals how the isolated sales and service silos of the past can evolve to drive Customer Success.

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Service Channels Best Practices & Benchmarks

Technology vendors that rely on partners to perform critical service functions must have a well-defined and executed channel strategy to maximize service sales effectiveness and sustain customer loyalty. This article outlines the steps necessary to optimize services through channel partners and introduces several research studies for channel management best practices.

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