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We believe that Support and Customer Success are fundamental to customer retention and recurring revenue growth.

Since 2004, ServiceXRG has guided the world’s leading technology companies in their strategic efforts to retain customers, grow recurring revenue, and achieve cost efficiencies through high-quality technical support and service excellence.

We accomplish this through a portfolio of in-depth research studies, published findings on significant service-related issues, and expert coaching services.

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Support Transformation: The Guide to Essential Practices and Metrics

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3 Ways ServiceXRG Helps You Grow Recurring Revenue

Helping you
your s
ervice programs

Helping you
your service programs

Helping you
high-quality services

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and recurring revenue with

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Engage with ServiceXRG Membership Services for authoritative research, data, and guidance in defining and achieving your desired service and revenue outcomes over the long term.

Choose from 3 success plans that leverage proven combinations of our unique Research, Playbooks, Assessments, Workshops, and Coaching to keep you moving toward your goals.

Latest Blog Posts

Six Characteristics of Highly Effective Service Organizations

To be fully successful with services you will need to be proficient in the right capabilities and have the maturity to execute. This article introduces the six characteristics of highly effective service organizations.

Service Sales Enablement and Overcoming Objections

This article introduces practices to grow revenue by enabling Sales to sell services and to overcome customer objections.

Retention Strategies to Keep the Customers You Have

This article introduces retention strategies to help you keep the customers you have.

Ten Steps to Quantify the Business Impact of Support

This article introduces 10 steps to take to quantify the business impact of support.

Self-Help to Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement builds on the principles of self-help and extends benefits to both vendors and their customers by offering more ways to scale and sustain ongoing relationships.

SURVEY SAYS: Top Service Challenges For 2022

Each year we begin by asking you about your top service challenges. Here are the results for 2022.

How Adoption and Success Services Drive Recurring Revenue

Services are the key to maximizing recurring revenue when companies have the capability to define, sell, and deliver the services customers need. Customers that have access to success focused services are 2.8 times more likely to continue and expand existing relationships. Find out if you offer the services your customers need.

Customer Success Management

Customer Success Management

Customer Success Management encompasses the practices, programs, resources, tools, and metrics required to help customers successfully use products to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Protecting Customer Data During the Support Process

With new data protection requirements and security threats it’s important that Support organizations understand their role in protecting their organizations from these risks. This article introduces how to protect customer data during multi vendor support with partners.

How to Prioritize Service Initiatives

Your list of service initiatives is probably long, and the level of effort required to do everything exceeds the staff and or budget you have available. You can’t do it all so you need to prioritize what is most important. This article offers guidance on how to prioritize your most important initiatives.

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