A Solid Foundation

The ServiceXRG Framework™ for Service Success consists of the following six core capabilities that directly impact your ability to optimize service performance and drive desired outcomes.

Core Capabilities


Strategy defines what an organization wants to accomplish and how it will prioritize initiatives and allocate resources to achieve outcomes. A well-defined plan will align resources to focus on achieving shared outcomes.


Service programs establish customer expectations and define how companies monetize service delivery. The right service portfolio design will engage customers, accelerate time-to-value, and increase the likelihood of renewal and expansion.


Organizations need to have the right people with the right skills and responsibilities incented to do the right things. When teams cooperate and work towards common objectives, they are efficient and effective at delivering better customer experience at every touchpoint.


Processes need to encompass delivery of services, engagement, renewal of customer relationships, and strengthen service delivery capabilities. Defined and repeatable activities and actions are necessary to achieve service outcomes efficiently.


Technology enhances service capabilities and enables new ways to engage customers. The right use of technology scales delivery, improves experiences, and delivers better outcomes at lower costs.


The right use of data and analytics informs the organization about how well they are executing their plan. Insights provide opportunities to identify issues, take corrective action, drive process improvement, and gain efficiency.

Build and Improve

To deliver service efficiently and achieve maximum service impact you need to be proficient in each of the core capabilities. There is always room to improve. A small increase in maturity can lead to a significant increase in service performance.

The ServiceXRG Framework™ for Service Success defines 5 levels of maturity for each capability. Each maturity level rates how well you can leverage core service capabilities to achieve your most important outcomes.

Take Action

The ServiceXRG Framework™ for Service Success connects the maturity of core capabilities with service activities that will make both your customers and your business successful. Your capability maturity level determines the scope and effectiveness of your activities. The higher your maturity level, the better your outcomes.

Get Results

Mature service capabilities enable the activities that deliver customer value and tangible benefits to the business. The ServiceXRG Framework™ for Service Success supports our process to assess your potential to optimize service performance and provide a customized roadmap to success.

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