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5 Principles for Service Success in 2020 and Beyond

There are many approaches to achieve service success and each company must chart its own unique course. Regardless of the path, there are five principles that all companies must embrace. Every company must have an established CX plan, attainable goals, well-defined service programs, optimized service capabilities and the means to measure and improve performance. These five principles establish the foundation from which to define, execute and achieve tangible, positive service outcomes.

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The Three Most Important Characteristics of a Support Web Site

The primary objective of a support web site is to help customers find the information and resources they need quickly and intuitively. Well-designed support web sites encourage customers to invest their time to explore and discover the information they need. This article introduces the three most important characteristics of a web support site.

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Using Net Recurring Revenue to Identify Customer Service Opportunities and Risks

Net Recurring Revenue is a comprehensive indicator that reveals the extent to which you are retaining, expanding and growing customer relationship value. Examining the specific underlying elements that contribute to the calculation of Net Recurring Revenue provides the necessary insights to identify the root causes of churn, attrition and contraction. In addition, examining the reasons for revenue growth presents opportunities to embrace and expand practices that encourage expansion of relationship value.

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The Journey to Customer Success

The term Customer Success seems to permeate the industry with nearly every company engaged in some type of success initiative. The focus and awareness of Customer Success is timely and refreshing. This does not imply that technology companies have not been focused on making customers successful in the past, but this emphasis on Customer Success creates a new level of awareness and commitment to truly impacting customers’ ability to derive benefits from technology. Customer Success has profound implications for the ways that companies engage, serve, and retain customers.
This article introduces four key milestones to help you define essential Customer Success capabilities.

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Segment your Customers

Your customer base contains a diverse population of customers each with distinct needs and expectations. Implementing an effective service segmentation strategy will improve service sales, increase customer retention rates and create opportunities to offer new and expanded services. Here are tips for developing a service segmentation strategy.

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6 Ways to Apply AI to Technical Support

Support has been relentless in the pursuit of continuous improvement, yet the function of Support has remained fundamentally unchanged for decades. AI is a critical catalyst that will help enable an inevitable Support transformation. This article introduces 6 ways to apply AI to technical support.

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Support Demand: Problem or Opportunity?

Is it a good thing if customers need support or is this a problem? The need for support is inevitable and communicating with your customers is always a good thing. What distinguishes support as good or bad is based on how you respond and what you learn from each customer interaction.

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What Support Professionals Need to Know About AI in Support

Artificial Intelligence is not a silver bullet it is a tool. This tool however holds the key to fundamentally changing the way support is delivered. With the right application of AI fewer resources can handle more interactions and potentially in a more proactive and productive way. This article introduces the general concepts of Artificial Intelligence and presents ways that AI can be used within Support.

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