Step 1: Assess

Our discovery process will evaluate the maturity of six essential service capabilities including:


We determine if plans are in place to deliver sustainable customer value and the degree to which they are aligned with the corporate objectives and staff performance.


We evaluate service programs offered through the service catalog and establish their value to help customers achieve their outcomes.


We review how teams and resources are organized and assess the extent to which teams consist of the right roles, skills, responsibilities, and incentives necessary to deliver promised services.


We evaluate current activities and actions to determine it they are efficient and effective to deliver desired service outcomes.


We conduct an inventory of tools, technologies, and automation used to enable critical processes.


We review how service performance data and customer feedback is collected, analyzed, and applied to drive meaningful decisions.

Step 2: Plan

We will formulate a customized ServiceXRG Roadmap™ to Service Success with recommendations to optimize, accelerate, and transform your services. Our roadmap includes:

Current State

An inventory and benchmark of your current service capability maturity.

Opportunities and Risks

Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Prioritized Actions

Determination of top actions and initiatives with prioritized recommendations.

Step 3: Execute

An assessment, benchmark, and plan are just the starting point for making meaningful progress towards higher levels of service maturity and service performance improvement. We help you execute with:

Expert Coaching

Our team of experts will work with you to implement recommendations so that you get results faster.


Our ServiceXRG Playbooks™ for Service Success will provide you with step-by-step best practice guidance.


Step 4: Success

We assure your continued success with ongoing access to insights and expert coaching services.

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