Customer Engagement

The Foundation for Long-term Relationships
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Customer Success Capabilities

Get instant feedback about your current capabilities and readiness for Customer Success


Get Ready for Customer Success

Full and half-day workshops to help you and your team assess the opportunity and plan for Customer Success


Live Expert Assistance

Let us provide live one-on-one expert guidance. Get started with a complimentary coaching session


Playbooks and Research

Access our Playbooks and latest research for step-by-step guidance, best practices, and performance benchmarks

Customer Engagement Best Practices

Customer Engagement is the foundation for long term positive relationships with customers. Through engagement activities you establish an understanding of customers’ desired outcomes and set clear expectations with them about the type and level of service they can expect to reach their goals. Engagement activities facilitate access to the resources customers need to adopt and apply new products and offers guidance to help them succeed. Successful customer engagement must include the following:


  • A compelling value proposition.
  • A well-defined portfolio of service programs.
  • The means to educate and enable Sales channels to create new relationships.
  • A formal process to onboard new customers.
  • Planning and guidance to help customers define and achieve success.
  • The ability to establish and maintain realistic expectations with customers.


ServiceXRG offers full and half-day Customer Success Workshops.  Choose from the topics below or contact us and we will work with you to customize a workshop for you and your team.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Service Portfolio Design

The Service Portfolio Design workshop will introduce current industry trends and portfolio examples and offer insights into the best practices for developing world-class service programs customers will buy, use, and renew.

Value Proposition Development

This workshop will help Service Marking teams develop compelling value propositions and messaging strategies to increase service program attach and renewal rates.

Strength of Portfolio Analysis

This workshop is intended for teams that are considering modifications to their existing portfolio.  The workshop will focus on the strength of the overall portfolio, differentiation, competitiveness, pricing levels, and alignment with customer needs.

Service Pricing / Price Sensitivity Analysis

This workshop will focus on the process of conducting a price sensitivity analysis for service offers. The workshop will introduce the factors necessary to correctly price services.

Sales Enablement

The Sales Enablement workshop introduces practices and techniques for increasing internal sales channel effectiveness in selling and renewing service programs.

Partner Enablement

The Partner Enablement workshop introduces practices and techniques for increasing channel partner effectiveness in selling and renewing service programs.


The Onboarding workshop will focus on the activities, resources, and performance indicators necessary for the implementation and operation of an effective onboarding program.

Success Management

The Success Management workshop introduces the elements of Success Management including the design and use of success plans and journey maps.  The workshop will cover roles, practices, and essential performance indicators.
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