The demand for support by your customers may be far greater than current transaction levels suggest. In the figure below, ServiceXRG illustrates the service opportunity as the difference between customers that currently seek support and those that do not but could benefit from support.

This gap suggests that there is a significant unmet need for support.  This is a potentially daunting scenario.  Imagine that customer demand for support would grow by over 100%.  Perhaps the more important consideration is the impact that lack of support will have on customers’ likelihood to remain customers.   An unmet service need can result in a customer defecting to another product or situations where they stop using your product.  Both scenarios will impact the potential for recurring revenue.

This chart signifies an opportunity for technology vendors to provide more value to more customers through on-line and mobile service interaction.  It is cost prohibitive to provide these extended services though assisted means; thus the web and mobile channels offer the best way to interact with more customers and positively influence their perceptions and encourage positive behaviors such as writing positive reviews, new purchases and continuation of existing relationships.