Sales Engineers and Technical Support Staff Cooperation

by | Aug 17, 2018

Sales and Support staff often work with the same customer accounts, but not always in coordinated and cooperative ways.  ServiceXRG has identified three resource alignment methods used today to describe how technical resources from Service and Sales work.



Technical resources exist within both Sales and Service organizations. Technical resources operate independently from one another with objectives that are not typically coordinated and may conflict (e.g. Sales provides services otherwise entitled through a service contract).



Technical resource from Sales and Service are organized within a single customer facing organization or are aligned by similar or common engagement polices and performance metrics.  Coordinated customer engagement for larger accounts is common.



Customer facing technical resources exist within a single department with coordinated responsibilities for both pre-sales and post sales technical engagement.  Skills specialization may exist, but account engagement is coordinated and all touchpoints are aligned to meet common performance objectives.

ServiceXRG has examined the current state of service organizations and the forces at work that are driving organizational transformation. ServiceXRG examines how the isolated service silos of the past are evolving in to unified service entities focused on Customer Success. For more information about the full study read about the The Transformation of the Service Organization.