Have your tried to call your company for support?

As you think of all the wonderful ways you can improve your customers’ experience start by calling for support from your own company.

It should be a simple process and one that many of your customers experience.  Hopefully you will find that connecting to your support team by phone is a simple and streamlined process that is enjoyable (or at least tolerable). 

You may be surprised how bad some experiences are – still to this day!  Hopefully you find that reaching your support team is not one of worst.

 Here are a few things to consider when calling in: 

  • Can you find the number?
  • Can you get through?
  • Are the prompts clear, do you known which option to choose?
  • Do you use an intelligent agent (bot) that tries to help – is it helpful?
  • Once you get through the prompts and bots, how long did you have to wait?
  • While on hold did you get updates about how long you may have to wait (customers like this).
  • Did you hear music? Good music?  Was it clear or garbled, too soft, or too loud?
  • Did you get connected or cut off?

So, how did you do? 

Any one of these elements is enough to negatively affect a customer’s experience.  Connecting with your support team by phone should be simple, quick, and tolerable.  Give your support team a call, a few minor adjustments can have a big impact.

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