Support or Success – What Type of Post Sales Service Portfolio Do You Need?

by May 7, 2020

It Is Time to Move Beyond Support Portfolios

Support and maintenance portfolios have been the foundation of many post-sales service offers, yet Support offers alone are no longer adequate to sustain and growth customer relationship value.  Modernization of support portfolios and the evolution to success-focused programs and offers is the future of post-sales service portfolios.

Support Versus Success

If you are creating or modernizing a post-sales portfolio that offers customers more than reactive problem resolution assistance you are likely building a success portfolio.

Success portfolios differ from support portfolios because they offer services typically beyond the scope of technical support and often include services and resources from departments such as Training, Professional Services and Technical Support.

The focus and intent of post sales services programs help to define the type of portfolio you are building and suggests what entitlements to package and offer to customers.  Use the table below to consider what the focus and intent of your post service offers should be.



  • Services focus on responding to, diagnosing and resolving issues.
  • Services are designed to increase supportability by helping customers use and administer products more effectively. 
  • Tools and services monitor issues and provide recommendations or corrective actions to mitigate problems.
  • Speed, effectiveness of response and customer satisfaction are key indicators of success.


  • Services focus on helping customers use the full functionality of a product. 
  • Consultation and guidance through high-touch and tech-touch.
  • Onboarding, adoption and success planning services offered.
  • Services focus on helping customers to achieve tangible business outcomes.
  • Product use, customer success, retention and growth of recurring revenue are key indicators of success.


Note: Success Portfolios often include support services, but Support portfolios do not include services beyond traditional issue resolution entitlements.

Characteristics of Leading Post Sales Service Portfolios

Well-defined post-sales service portfolios with up-to-date and customer-driven service entitlements can significantly increase your ability to help customers use and apply products.

Market leading service portfolios are well structured to offer differentiated service rights, entitlements, and resources to deliver maximum customer benefit.  World-class service portfolios offer:

  • Access to skills, resources and expertise from across all service departments including Support, Professional Services, Education and Success.
  • Flexible program structure and purchase options provide access to the services customers need when they need it even as their needs evolve.
  • Expert assistance to drive tangible outcomes and achieve quantifiable benefits for the price paid.

Take Your Services to the Next Level

Is it time to update your Support portfolio or add Customer Success programs extensions and add-ons? Give us a call. We can help you define, price, and launch successful new service offers.

Contact us today.

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