Stay Current with Customer Outcomes: Six Best Practices For Ongoing Assessments

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Do you know if customer outcomes for your products and services are improving or declining over time? Customer outcome assessment is an ongoing process; these best practices will shed light on where you’re winning and where you need to do better.

Your customers can be satisfied with many aspects of their relationships with you. But if they’re not achieving the outcomes they expect from your products and services, those relationships are at risk.

To develop and sustain lasting customer relationships, you must have not only a clear understanding of their expectations, but also timely visibility into how and why those expectations may change over time. At all stages of the customer relationship, you must have the insights and ability to help your customers achieve their desired outcomes.

To accelerate time-to-value, sustain long-term relationships, and drive recurring revenue, leverage these six ongoing Customer Outcome Assessment best practices:

  1. Build upon the Sales and Service onboarding process to establish customer needs and expectations.
  2. Define adoption and value attainment milestones to track customer success.
  3. Establish success plans to help customers define their desired outcomes and establish a plan to work towards these goals.
  4. Survey and interact with customers to determine the extent to which customers believe they are making progress against their goals and objectives.
  5. Use Executive or Quarterly Business Reviews (EBR / QBR) to review and assess customer success toward desired outcomes.
  6. Make necessary adjustments to adoption and success plans and modify service resource allocation as necessary.

How well do you understand your customers’ desired outcomes? How effective are you at helping them obtain them?

Were here to help you get the answers you need.

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