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  • Contingency Support Services

    This report examines the approach by 9 technology vendors to offer Contingency Support services.  This report is available to ServiceXRG Enterprise Success members only.  Last Updated July 2018.

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  • The Transformation of The Service Organization

    ServiceXRG examines the current state of service organizations and the forces at work that are driving organizational transformation. This study reveals how the isolated service silos of the past need to evolve into unified entities to drive Customer Success.

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  • Secure Service Offerings

    This report introduces dedicate secure support programs and describes the key characteristics of these offers.  The report provides example offers from 9 technology vendors.  This report is available to ServiceXRG Success Enterprise members only. Last Updated May 2018.

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  • Support SLAs

    This report provides examples necessary for establishing effective service level agreement practices.

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  • Microsoft Support for On-Premise Applications

    This profile provides insights and analysis of Microsoft’s support portfolio for on premise applications.  The profile provides details about entitlements, pricing and policies.

    This profile is available to ServiceXRG Success Enterprise members only.

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  • Measuring the Return on Knowledge Management

    As knowledge management initiatives take hold and mature, it is essential to conduct a formal cost – benefit analysis to determine the proper level of investment for knowledge management and define the expected return on this investment. Continued success will come from efforts to enhance content creation processes, employ enhanced technologies and deliver tangible business value by leveraging knowledge assets. This research report introduces an approach to measure the return from knowledge management initiatives.

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  • Maximizing Customer Satisfaction with Support Case Resolution

    Customers do not typically like to call for technical assistance, but when they do they are most often satisfied with the results of the service they receive. Overall 70.5% of cases are resolved to the satisfaction of customers regardless of time to close.  To maximize customer satisfaction with case resolution you must provide a satisfactory answer that solves the customer issues and do so within a reasonable amount of time.  Learn what it takes to drive customer satisfaction and increase NPS.

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  • Amazon Web Services Support Portfolio

    This profile is available to ServiceXRG Success Enterprise members only.

    This profile provides deep insights and analysis of Amazon Web Services (AWS) support portfolio.  The profile examines all AWS support offers and provides details about positioning, entitlements, tools, pricing, and policies.

    Last Updated: June 2017

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