Treat Your Service Portfolio as a Product Line

by Feb 17, 2020

Service and success programs are a significant source of revenue. To assure that they yield their maximum revenue potential they must keep pace with customer needs and expectations.

Formal Product Management of Service Portfolios

Treat service portfolios as valuable offerings by assigning dedicated program management resources to keep offerings up to date and relevant. Consider the following:

Develop service and success portfolios that span delivery silos (Support, Success, Education, Professional Services, etc.).


Assign a full-time dedicated product manager to lead program management activities for the service / success portfolios across service disciplines and related product families.


Establish goals and objectives for the service program manager based on performance and revenues directly associated with sale and renewal of service and success offerings.


Grow the team of portfolio product managers to keep pace with the size, complexity, and financial performance of the service portfolio.


To assure that your service and success portfolio remains relevant to customer needs review and update offerings on an ongoing basis.  Consider adding new offerings and enhancements as customer needs evolve.  Be certain to define and articulate the value of all offerings and reinforce service benefits to help sustain customer relationships.

Featured: Success Marketing and Portfolio Management

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