Service Delivery


Service Delivery Best Practices

Serving customers is an essential element of Customer Success, however, this does not equate simply to handling support cases. To serve customers optimally you must: assure that any issues that can be avoided are avoided; you enable self-sufficiency by providing the knowledge, training and resources customers need to help themselves; and when required, you provide expert assistance within expected service levels. Successful service activities must include the following:

  • A concerted effort to prevent issues before they occur.
  • The ability to enforce entitlement and assure delivery of promised services.
  • Proactive capabilities to identify and mitigate issues before they impact customers.
  • A formal process to enable customers with training, best practices, self-help knowledge and other resources.
  • Services that help customers to adopt and apply products successfully.
  • Tools and procedures to resolve issues efficiency and to set and maintain clear expectations about the activities and timeframe to close cases.

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