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Relationship Retention and Growth Best Practices

To grow relationship value, you must be able to retain existing relationships and present customers with new opportunities. Retention will occur when customers are able to apply and succeed with the products they have purchased, and growth will come when customers recognize that your solution is essential to their success. Successful customer retention and growth activities must include the following:

  • Assure that customers remain actively engaged and productive with the products they own.
  • Conduct ongoing assessments to determine if customers are satisfied. Use appropriate assessment techniques such as a health index, transactional surveys, customer interviews and relationship surveys.
  • Help customers to understand the benefits they receive from services. Go beyond the number of times a customer has called and help them understand how Success and Support entitlements positively impact their ability to conduct business.
  • Nurture and retain existing customers and identify opportunities to grow the relationship by creating opportunities to apply new product and services.
  • Institute polices and allocate staffing to proactively ask customers for the renewal. Don’t assume that customers will renew, ask them.
  • When customers decline to renew their services investigate the underlying reasons and formulate plans to overcome renewal objections.


ServiceXRG offers full and half-day Customer Success Workshops.  Choose from the topics below or contact us and we will work with you to customize a workshop for you and your team.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Successful NPS Programs

The NPS workshop introduces the concepts of Net Promoter Scoring from implementation to action. Topics covered include the strategies and practices required to capture meaningful data; implementation of an NPS survey; customer targeting strategies; enabling tools and analysis of results. The workshop will also help participants develop action plans necessary to increase act on and improve NPS.

Maximizing Service Contract Renewal Rates

Service renewal performance is fundamental to overall corporate financial health.  Existing service relationships represent a predictable recurring revenue stream and provide the foundation from which to grow revenue.   This workshop will introduce the critical practices necessary maximize renewal of Service contracts. The workshop will cover roles, practices, and essential performance indicators.

The Voice of the Community

This workshop will introduce available customer assessment strategies and help you choose which ones are right for your business. This workshop will explore post transaction surveys, relationship surveys, advisory panels, and methods for assessing the general sentiment of customers from community and social interactions. The workshop will introduce Customer Effort Score, general satisfaction assessment, Net Promoter Score, and Sentiment analysis.

Maximizing Retention / Minimizing Churn

This workshop will help participants evaluate current customer retention and attrition issues and introduce strategies to minimize churn and maximize customer retention. The workshop will cover roles, practices, and essential performance indicators.

Relationship Revenue Growth

This workshop helps companies develop the programs, practices, and skills necessary to retain and grow existing customer relationships. This workshop will emphasize creation of programs to expand opportunities for enhanced services and the strategies necessary to create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. The workshop will cover roles, practices, programs, and essential performance indicators for successful relationship value expansion.

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