Close more deals faster with optimized processes and systems.

On-Demand Webinar:
Sell Services Faster and More Accurately

Co-hosted by Steve Schneider, Founder/CEO of WorkRails and Tom Sweeny, Founder/CEO of ServiceXRG

Service sales is critical to your company’s revenue growth—but typical service sales activities aren’t optimized.

Your Sales team needs better systems and processes to:

  • Match the right services to the right customer.
  • Configure accurate statements of work.
  • Close each deal faster.

Help is in sight! Watch the on-demand webinar, Sell Services Faster and More Accurately, co-presented by ServiceXRG and WorkRails.  

You’ll learn proven strategies for:

  • Making Sales aware of available, appropriate service offerings.
  • Making it easy for Sales to match services to customer needs.
  • Uncomplicating service proposals.
  • Seamlessly integrating your unconnected systems to accelerate the service sales process and close deals faster.

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Watch the video now:

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