The Subscription Mindset

Understand the Strategies and Practices to Make the Successful Transition to a Subscription Model

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The Subscription Mindset

The subscription mindset is a unique perspective on the measures of business success and the foundations of the company – customer relationship.  Many of the tenets of the subscription mindset are not new to technology vendors, but the methods by which resources are allocated and performance are measured must change.  The principles of the subscription mindset include:

  • Customer retention is everything!
  • Full revenue potential is dependent upon the longevity of the relationship (Life Time Value).
  • Services emphasize Customer Success to drive use and adoption of products.
  • The role of Support shifts from issues resolution to adoption and engagement.
  • The measures of Service success are based on retention and expansion of recurring revenue.

To make the successful transition from perpetually licensed products to subscription services requires companies to adopt a subscription mindset. The Subscription Mindset is a self-guided presentation that highlights the critical factors to achieve subscription success. This workshop is also available as a guided workshop.

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