Secure Service Offerings

Secure Service Offerings

This report introduces dedicate secure support programs and describes the key characteristics of these offers.  The report provides example offers from 9 technology vendors.  This report is available to ServiceXRG Success Enterprise members only. Last Updated May 2018.

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While most companies consider their data and intellectual property to be highly sensitive a few types of companies and government agencies operate under guidelines that demand specific levels of security to protect sensitive data.  To meet the needs of these companies and government institutions some technology service organizations have developed specific programs to deliver services for security-regulated environments.  Based on an evaluation of over 200 technology firms ServiceXRG finds that fewer than 30% have introduced specific Support offers for government agencies and secure industries.

There are three primary approaches used to provide security focused support services.  The first is for the technology company to offer dedicated programs and resources to meet the needs of security-oriented customers.  The second approach is for the company to provide services through their existing corporate programs but with provisions such as U.S. based remote support response and security cleared individuals.  For companies that do not have dedicated secure-support offerings they typically provision resources from existing staff or partners that specialize in government contracts.

This Report Includes


8 Pages

Topics Covered:

  • Characteristics of Secure Offers
    • Citizenship
    • Location
    • Clearances
    • Data Handling
    • Secure Connection
  • Program Design
  • Secure Service Offers
    • Program Features
    • Pricing

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