Amazon Web Services Support Portfolio


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This profile provides deep insights and analysis of Amazon Web Services (AWS) support portfolio.  The profile examines all AWS support offers and provides details about positioning, entitlements, tools, pricing, and policies.

Last Updated: June 2017

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This profile is available to ServiceXRG Success Enterprise members only.



Amazon offers an extensive portfolio of cloud-based infrastructure and applications through Amazon Web Services (AWS).  The AWS portfolio provides access to processing and storage capacity; infrastructure applications including database, search, communications, e-commerce, payments, and billing; and cloud development and management tools.   The AWS platform is intended to be a self-service environment yet, Amazon provides a robust portfolio of support services.

ServiceXRG Observations

  • The top tier of the portfolio (Enterprise) offers significant entitlements including enhanced service level responses, account management, and consultative assistance.
  • The high-end entitlements offered through Enterprise are not contractually limited thus customers may be able to get a great deal of value from the service. At this level customers have consultative assistance through their TAM as well as solution architects.  The high touch aspects of Enterprise level combined with resources to help customers design, manage, and implement solutions based on AWS make this a very robust offering.
  • AWS Trusted Advisor may be the most interesting aspect of the Amazon service portfolio. This tool will provide customers with recommendations to affect the value of the AWS investment.  This technology is based on Amazon’s experience with industry best practices and creates a foundation from which to launch a portfolio of value added services focused on helping customers maximize their product investment.
  • Amazon’s high-touch services will help customers to maximize business impact using AWS, yet the services are not truly focused on attainment of specific business outcomes. The future use of AWS Trusted Advisor and probable services that will be offered to act upon the recommendations from this service will move Amazon in the direction of outcome-based support.

This profile is available to ServiceXRG Success Enterprise members only.


Last updated June 2018

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