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  • Salesforce Trailhead

    Salesforce Trailhead is a self-paced, online learning platform provided for free to anyone.  This Innovation profile describes the Salesforce Trailhead platform.

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  • Social Media – Implications and Opportunities for Service and Support

    This perspective describes the reasons why business, and particularly service and Support organizations, must embrace a social media strategy.

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  • Service Revenue Generation Metrics

    Service revenue accounts for a growing and significant percent of total revenue for many technology vendors. The ability to accurately track the effectiveness of Service Revenue Generation activities is essential to maximizing revenue from new and existing customers. This report presents a consistent set of metrics and definitions to help companies measure the overall level of effectiveness of their service sales policies, programs and personnel.

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  • Customer Perceptions and Expectations of Self-Help and Social Support

    More than two-thirds of customers indicate that they attempt to help themselves when they need technical assistance. A general web search (e.g. Google or Bing) is the most likely first action customers take when attempting to resolve technical support issues on their own. In general customers find good information and are reasonably satisfied with their results.  This ServiceXRG study examined the expectations and perceptions of 588 individuals that uses self-help resources to resolve technical support issues.

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  • Recognizing Innovation: IBM Cognitive Support

    Through the Service Innovation Series, ServiceXRG highlights examples of innovative approaches to achieve service excellence. In this Service Innovation profile, we feature IBM’s use of its own Watson technologies as a platform to deliver a new approach to service delivery – Cognitive Support.

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  • Automating Service Delivery

    Automation of Technical Support or Customer Success functions can yield great returns, yet these service activities can be difficult to replicate with systems.

    To effectively automate service activities, it is critical that the underlying processes be fully understood and analyzed to determine their appropriateness for automation. Effective service automation requires a combination of enabling technologies, robust content, and a willingness by customers to use these systems.

    This report examines the intricacies and challenges associated with automating the support process and examines opportunities for significant cost efficiencies.

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  • Contingency Support Services

    This report examines the approach by 9 technology vendors to offer Contingency Support services.  This report is available to ServiceXRG Enterprise Success members only.  Last Updated July 2018.

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  • The Transformation of The Service Organization

    ServiceXRG examines the current state of service organizations and the forces at work that are driving organizational transformation. This study reveals how the isolated service silos of the past need to evolve into unified entities to drive Customer Success.

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  • Secure Service Offerings

    This report introduces dedicate secure support programs and describes the key characteristics of these offers.  The report provides example offers from 9 technology vendors.  This report is available to ServiceXRG Success Enterprise members only. Last Updated May 2018.

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