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  • Journey from Support to Customer Success

    The journey from Technical Support to Customer Success requires more than a name change or the addition of a team of Customer Success Managers. To fully embrace Customer Success, Support must rethink its role and adopt new ways to engage, retain and grow customer relationships. This Playbook provides a guided journey across four key milestones to help you define essential Customer Success capabilities.

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  • Service Renewal Best Practices

    This playbook introduces the metrics, practices, and activities necessary to optimize service contract renewal performance.  It explores the processes, policies, and resources required to retain and grow customer relationship value.

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  • Developing a Service Segmentation Strategy

    Not all customers are created equal nor do they represent the same value to your business. Nearly two-thirds of support and maintenance revenue comes from less than one-third of the customer base. It seems illogical to view all customers the same way, yet only slightly more than a third of companies (36%) have a formal customer segmentation strategy for managing support and maintenance sales and renewal activities. Companies that indicate that they have a formal service segmentation strategy have an average attach rate nearly 60% better than companies that do not. This playbook describes the steps necessary to define and implement a formal service segmentation strategy.

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  • Premium Support Services

    The terms premium, mission critical and business critical are common terms used to describe the top level of enterprise focused service and support offerings. While the terms may vary at the heart of any premium offering are core entitlements that ensure a rapid response to customer issues, a committed level of expertise and provisions for managing the relationship.


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  • First Contact Resolution

    First Contact Resolution (FCR) measures the percent of cases reported through assisted support channels that are acknowledged to be resolved by the customer as a result of the initial interaction with a qualified support representative. FCR is a common metric used throughout the technology services and broader customer services industries. While widely used the underlying inputs and assumptions that makeup FCR vary widely. A consistent definition for FCR is essential to performance benchmarking against companies and industry segments. More importantly a well-defined method for measuring FCR assures that the insights gained from FCR performance will point to meaningful corrective actions to improve support efficiency and effectiveness.

    This report presents a consistent framework to measure how efficiently each customer question gets to the person that has the skills, knowledge and tools to provide the right answer the first time the customer engages with Support.

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  • How to Develop World-Class Support Portfolios

    Well-defined support portfolios with up-to-date and customer-driven service entitlements can significantly increase your ability to sell and renew support contracts. The result of optimized support sales performance is an increase in revenue. While support marketing and sales practices are also important, it is the core set of offerings that provide the foundation from which support sales success is achieved. Modernization of support portfolios and adoption of industry best practices is the key ingredient for higher support revenues.

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  • Customer Success Operating Model

    ServiceXRG’s Customer Success Operating Model Playbook provides the blueprint to develop, operate and optimize Customer Success initiatives. Each element of the Customer Success Operating Model defines the practices, tools, staffing and measures of success you need.  Whether you are building a new Customer Success organization or transforming existing service capabilities, the Customer Success Operating Model provides a framework for success.  The Customer Success Operating Model (SOM) consists of the following Success functions: Customer Engagement, Service Delivery, Customer Retention, and Relationship Growth.

    This ServiceXRG report is available free of charge to all ServiceXRG Subscribers including Success Access members (free membership level). For immediate access to this perspective please register or login.

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  • Selling Service Value

    This guide presents best practices for positioning and selling services and defines the steps required to define a compelling service value proposition.

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