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  • Service Revenue Generation Metrics

    Service revenue accounts for a growing and significant percent of total revenue for many technology vendors. The ability to accurately track the effectiveness of Service Revenue Generation activities is essential to maximizing revenue from new and existing customers. This report presents a consistent set of metrics and definitions to help companies measure the overall level of effectiveness of their service sales policies, programs and personnel.

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  • Journey from Support to Customer Success

    The journey from Technical Support to Customer Success requires more than a name change or the addition of a team of Customer Success Managers. To fully embrace Customer Success, Support must rethink its role and adopt new ways to engage, retain and grow customer relationships. This Playbook provides a guided journey across four key milestones to help you define essential Customer Success capabilities.

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  • Service Renewal Best Practices

    This playbook introduces the metrics, practices, and activities necessary to optimize service contract renewal performance.  It explores the processes, policies, and resources required to retain and grow customer relationship value.

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  • Customer Success Operating Model

    ServiceXRG’s Customer Success Operating Model Playbook provides the blueprint to develop, operate and optimize Customer Success initiatives. Each element of the Customer Success Operating Model defines the practices, tools, staffing and measures of success you need.  Whether you are building a new Customer Success organization or transforming existing service capabilities, the Customer Success Operating Model provides a framework for success.  The Customer Success Operating Model (SOM) consists of the following Success functions: Customer Engagement, Service Delivery, Customer Retention, and Relationship Growth.

    This ServiceXRG report is available free of charge to all ServiceXRG Subscribers including Success Access members (free membership level). For immediate access to this perspective please register or login.

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  • Customer Success Practices and Metrics

    The fundamentals of Customer Success are not new, the general concept has been around for some time, but current practices suggest that something more profound is happening across the industry. There is broad recognition that helping customers adopt and apply products successfully will help retain and build customer relationship value.  This study examines the approach companies use to organize, deliver and measure their Customer Success initiatives.

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