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  • Journey from Support to Customer Success

    The journey from Technical Support to Customer Success requires more than a name change or the addition of a team of Customer Success Managers. To fully embrace Customer Success, Support must rethink its role and adopt new ways to engage, retain and grow customer relationships. This Playbook provides a guided journey across four key milestones to help you define essential Customer Success capabilities.

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  • Contingency Support Services

    This report examines the approach by 9 technology vendors to offer Contingency Support services.  This report is available to ServiceXRG Enterprise Success members only.  Last Updated July 2018.

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  • The Transformation of The Service Organization

    ServiceXRG examines the current state of service organizations and the forces at work that are driving organizational transformation. This study reveals how the isolated service silos of the past need to evolve into unified entities to drive Customer Success.

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  • Secure Service Offerings

    This report introduces dedicate secure support programs and describes the key characteristics of these offers.  The report provides example offers from 9 technology vendors.  This report is available to ServiceXRG Success Enterprise members only. Last Updated May 2018.

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  • Developing a Service Segmentation Strategy

    Not all customers are created equal nor do they represent the same value to your business. Nearly two-thirds of support and maintenance revenue comes from less than one-third of the customer base. It seems illogical to view all customers the same way, yet only slightly more than a third of companies (36%) have a formal customer segmentation strategy for managing support and maintenance sales and renewal activities. Companies that indicate that they have a formal service segmentation strategy have an average attach rate nearly 60% better than companies that do not. This playbook describes the steps necessary to define and implement a formal service segmentation strategy.

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  • Premium Support Services

    The terms premium, mission critical and business critical are common terms used to describe the top level of enterprise focused service and support offerings. While the terms may vary at the heart of any premium offering are core entitlements that ensure a rapid response to customer issues, a committed level of expertise and provisions for managing the relationship.


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  • Support Marketing Best Practices

    Support Marketing is both an art form and a science. The art of Support Marketing is demonstrated in the ways that Support program attributes are expressed as customer benefits. The science of Support Marketing is crafting and communicating the Support value proposition to prospective customers and reinforcing it with existing customers.

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  • How to Develop World-Class Support Portfolios

    Well-defined support portfolios with up-to-date and customer-driven service entitlements can significantly increase your ability to sell and renew support contracts. The result of optimized support sales performance is an increase in revenue. While support marketing and sales practices are also important, it is the core set of offerings that provide the foundation from which support sales success is achieved. Modernization of support portfolios and adoption of industry best practices is the key ingredient for higher support revenues.

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