Making the Case – Overcoming Customer Objections to Buying Services

by | Mar 15, 2019

A credible value proposition based on what customers need and want from Services is the best way to overcome customer objections to buying services.

Making the Case for Services

Customers want the products they purchase to work.  Many understand that technology is inherently complex and access to expertise and periodic updates are worth the investment.  This is particularly true if a product is considered business critical. Some customers conclude that they need Services on their own, many do not however and need to be convinced.

Selling the value of service is making the case for why the customer is better off with service than without.  Selling services demands that you establish a credible and compelling value proposition built upon the understanding of what customers want and need from services.

Top Reasons Customers Use Services

Customers that purchase services are most likely to use them to adopt and use products effectively and not simply to fix problems. 

The value of services must therefore emphasize Services’ ability to provide tools and resources to help customers implement, learn and use product effectively.  A complete and compelling value proposition must also recognize that if product issues do arise, services are available to respond quickly.

Top Reasons Customers Use Services

Most Important Attributes of Service

The services characteristics customers want most are access to expertise when they need it. They expect service organizations to be available during reasonable hours and to be responsive to requests for help.  As noted above, access to technical expertise is not simply about fixing issues, it must also be used to provide training and coaching to help customers apply products more effectively. 

Most Important Attributes of Service

Featured: Selling Service Value

Selling services demands that you establish a credible and compelling value proposition. To be compelling, the benefits must be perceived to exceed the cost. This playbook describes the essential steps to develop a compelling value proposition to maximize support sales and renewal activities.

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