Is Customer Success Right for Your Business?

by Apr 1, 2019

Customer Success is a critical methodology for companies that depend on recurring revenues from license, maintenance, and other service subscriptions.

Customer Success

Customer Success is not however just for companies that sell products as-a-Service.  Companies that sell perpetual software licenses, equipment and devices can benefit from Customer Success to drive product adoption and to assure maintenance contract renewals. 

Consider a Customer Success strategy if:

  • Subscription revenue is flat or in decline.
  • Subscription Churn is >3%.
  • Customers cancel subscriptions or maintenance contracts because they report that they do not use or get value from products.
  • Support or maintenance contract renewal rates are below industry average (80%).
  • Significant opportunities exist to grow relationship value through product or service expansion.
  • A quantifiable positive impact on competitive differentiation exists when customers adopt and use products to their fullest potential.

For companies that sell highly commoditized products or products that do not generate recurring revenues traditional customer service and product support services are likely sufficient. 

Next Steps

ServiceXRG offers a wealth of expertise and research to help you develop and execute an effective Customer Success strategy.

Define your Customer Success strategy

Read about the Journey from Support to Customer Success

Inventory current success-focused capabilities and practices

Take the Customer Success Health Assessment

Develop a framework for Customer Success

Review the Customer Success Operating Model

Read more Customer Success Articles

Read more Customer Success Articles

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Featured: Journey from Support to Customer Success

The journey from Technical Support to Customer Success requires more than a name change or the addition of a team of Customer Success Managers. To fully embrace Customer Success, Support must rethink its role and adopt new ways to engage, retain and grow customer relationships. This Playbook provides a guided journey across four key milestones to help you define essential Customer Success capabilities.

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