Five Ways to Automate Service Delivery

by | Sep 3, 2021 | AI, Automation, Chat, chatbot, e-Mail, Enable Customers, Resolve Issues, Support, Tools and Automation

Automation plays an increasingly important role in support case deflection and management activities. Let’s explore some ways you can automate service delivery and help scale your Support operation.

Service automation can provide intelligent answers to customer questions or perform simple, repetitive, yet important tasks. The more we can automate service tasks the less time skilled support staff need to be involved in lower value activities.

Use these 5 proven strategies to automate service delivery and free up your skilled support staff for higher value activities:

  1. Introduce conversational chatbots to assist with issue triage and preliminary diagnostics.
  2. Enable chatbots to answer customer questions when possible or route cases to the best qualified resource for resolution.
  3. Match and present available solutions as new cases are created via web or submitted by e-mail.
  4. Use AI-enabled automation to discover “at risk” customers and alert necessary Customer Success or Technical Account Management.
  5. Automate simple and repeatable case management activities.

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Four Imperatives for Scaling Support.


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Support demand is on the rise. What’s your response plan?

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Four Imperatives for Scaling Support

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