Developing service programs that deliver high value for your customers is your first step toward increased recurring revenue.

Next, you must strategically market and sell your service programs, persuasively telling your customers that your services are essential to the rapid achievement of their desired outcomes. The mission: To aggressively create awareness of your services catalog—and to convince Sales, partners, and customers of their benefits and value.

ServiceXRG helps your company market and sell service programs by applying proven strategies and methods that drive awareness, generate demand, and increase subscriptions among new and existing customers. We partner with your team to create messaging that clearly articulates and amplifies the value of your offerings.

Our service marketing and sales engagements encompass the following initiatives:

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of service value proposition, positioning, and messaging
  • Creation of use cases and examples depicting the customer benefits of specific services
  • Direct connection of service benefits and outcomes to customers’ key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Quantification of the impact/benefit of service programs to demonstrate return on investment
  • Development of white papers and blog posts that add value to the service experience you offer and deliver

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