The rapid rise of subscription licensing is compelling technology companies to actively leverage services to retain and grow recurring revenue.

The success of service as an enabler of recurring revenue is directly and inextricably tied to the rate at which customers adopt and successfully apply products to address their business challenges. ServiceXRG helps your company develop service programs that drive both goals: customer success and increased recurring revenue.

ServiceXRG helps you develop service programs through these core initiatives:

  • Assessments: guidance and tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your service programs
  • Customer studies to discern customer expectations around the services your offer
  • Best practices studies to establish where market leaders are succeeding with service program development
  • Market sizing studies to quantify the potential target audience for a service offer
  • Competitive analysis to establish how your offers compare with those of your competitors
  • Feasibility studies to evaluate the cost and benefits of deploying a new program

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Using Services to Retain and Grow Recurring Revenue

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