The greatest risk to recurring revenue is your customers’ failure to succeed with your products.

A well-defined services portfolio and service delivery excellence are the most effective ways for your company to reduce customer churn and expand recurring revenue opportunities. ServiceXRG is here to help you deliver service programs that foster customer success, boosting customer retention.

For customers to achieve successful outcomes with your products, your company must support and enable them by helping them implement, adopt, and apply your products effectively. High-quality services, delivered efficiently and effectively, are essential for long-term customer success.

Services help bridge the gap between what is possible and what is achieved. ServiceXRG helps your company’s service teams succeed in their business-critical role as enablers of recurring revenue. Let us introduce you to our proven strategies and methods for:

  • Efficiently resolving customer issues
  • Scaling delivery capabilities through automation and self-help
  • Assuring service quality and creating opportunities to expand customer relationships

ServiceXRG helps you deliver service programs—and service excellence—through these core initiatives:

  • Assessments: guidance and tools to evaluate your current service delivery capabilities and effectiveness
  • Customer studies to discern customer expectations around service delivery
  • Best practices studies to establish the most effective approaches to service delivery
  • Competitive analysis to establish how your service delivery practices compare with those of your competitors
  • Testing of user perceptions, preferences, expectations about their service needs and expectations
  • Benchmarking of service delivery performance
  • Feasibility studies to evaluate new service rollout and financial return

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