As your company transitions to subscription licensing, your service strategy and ability to execute are essential for maximizing recurring revenue. ServiceXRG helps technology companies drive recurring revenue with services through five critical actions:

  1. Drive Success: Make your customers successful with onboarding, planning, adoption, and support of desired outcomes.
  2. Scale, Automate, Personalize: Use technology and data to automate service delivery when possible. Deliver personalized services when necessary.
  3. Retain: Keep the customers you have by measuring and sustaining customer relationship health.
  4. Expand: Develop revenue opportunities by creating new ways to help customers succeed with your products.
  5. Transform Services: Be subscription-ready with the right programs, sales and marketing strategies, and scalable delivery capabilities

3 ways ServiceXRG helps you grow recurring revenue

Helping you
your service programs

Helping you
your service programs

Helping you
high-quality services

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