Customer Success Operating Model

A Proven, Researched-Based Methodology

ServiceXRG Customer Success Operating Model™

The rapid rise of subscription licensing and emphasis on delivering exceptional customer experiences is compelling technology companies to implement strategic Customer Success initiatives.

As your company transitions to subscription licensing and focuses on improving customer experiences it is essential to develop a comprehensive Customer Success capability. With well-defined and executed customer success capabilities you can:

  • Increase customer adoption of your products.
  • Minimize customer churn.
  • Maximize recurring revenue through renewal and expansion.

Using our exclusive, proven Customer Success Operating Model, ServiceXRG helps technology companies develop and execute effective Customer Success strategies.

A  proven, research-based methodology to deliver your Customer Success objectives

Customized and configured for your organization’s specific challenges, the ServiceXRG Customer Success Operating Model applies four core elements to optimize your organization’s Success strategy:

  • An assessment of your current capabilities
  • Alignment of Success strategy with business goals
  • Development of Success metrics and measurements
  • Workshops and coaching to implement your Customer Success Operating Model and drive transformation

ServiceXRG will help you define, implement, and optimize Customer Success to sustain and grow profitable customer relationships.

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