Customer Success Management

Customer Success Management encompasses the practices, programs, resources, tools, and metrics required to help customers successfully use products to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Understand The Outcomes Your Customers Need

Success Management begins by establishing an understanding about how your customers define success and understanding the role your products will play.  By understanding what your customers expect it is possible to align resources to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Products + Services = Success

It is possible that customer expectations will only “scratch” the surface of what your product can do, or what they should do with it.  Sometimes asking customers what they want to accomplish should be supplemented by showing them what is possible.

Make a Plan

Help customers define and achieve desired outcomes by developing a success plan.  It is not necessarily your role to execute the plan and deliver the expected outcomes.  It is however your role to assure that you enable customers to be successful.  Customer enablement may include training and skills development, sharing of best practices and hands on coaching and expertise.

The Foundation of an Ongoing Relationship

Customer Success Management is not simply about the plan and initial delivery of best practices and service.  Success Management is the foundation of an ongoing relationship where your products and services evolve to deliver ongoing benefits to your customers.

Playbook and Assessment

ServiceXRG offers a playbook and assessment tool to help you identify the maturity of your Customer Success Management capabilities.  These resources will help you to establish where your success management practices are strongest, and where you have opportunity for improvement.  The Customer Success Management Assessment tool is available (no charge) at

Accelerate Customer Success.

Download the ServiceXRG Playbook:  Customer Success Management and discover:

  • How to establish customer needs and plan for successful outcomes.
  • What it takes to help customers adopt and apply your products.
  • Key success indicators and the means to monitor progress.
Download the ServiceXRG whitepaper, "Ensuring a Successful Journey to Customer Success"

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