Five Ways to Automate Service Delivery

Five Ways to Automate Service Delivery


Five Ways to Automate Service Delivery

Automation plays an increasingly important role in support case deflection and management activities. Let’s explore some ways you can automate service delivery and help scale your Support operation.

Service automation can provide intelligent answers to customer questions or perform simple, repetitive, yet important tasks. The more we can automate service tasks the less time skilled support staff need to be involved in lower value activities.

Use these 5 proven strategies to automate service delivery and free up your skilled support staff for higher value activities:

  1. Introduce conversational chatbots to assist with issue triage and preliminary diagnostics.
  2. Enable chatbots to answer customer questions when possible or route cases to the best qualified resource for resolution.
  3. Match and present available solutions as new cases are created via web or submitted by e-mail.
  4. Use AI-enabled automation to discover “at risk” customers and alert necessary Customer Success or Technical Account Management.
  5. Automate simple and repeatable case management activities.

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Best Practices and Metrics for Assisted Support Delivery

Best Practices and Metrics for Assisted Support Delivery


Best Practices and Metrics for Assisted Support Delivery

Making it easy for customers to get help depends upon the channels available to access support resources and request assistance. Many companies offer assistance by phone but there is a clear shift towards electronic channels.

Assisted Support

The time, effort, and costs required to provide assisted support make it imperative for companies to find ways to expedite issue resolution and bolster efforts to prevent issues.

Companies offer a variety of channels for customers to request assisted support. These include interactive channels like chat and phone, and passive methods such as e-mail, Support communities, and web case submission. Customers have embraced electronic channels and are relying less on assistance by phone.

Key Trends

  • 83.1% of companies offer both phone and electronic channels for support. Only 14.9% offer electronic-only support contact methods.
  • Support case submission by web-based form is the top channel used, followed by phone and e-mail.
  • Phone support use has declined by 8% as electronic channel use grows.
  • The use of chat has grown by 26% while use of e-mail has risen by 24%.
  • The reasons customers request support assistance are equally distributed across three primary categories of “How To,” “Bugs or Performance Issues,” and “Installation, Configuration, Setup.”
  • Most support interactions are reactive, although proactive engagement is on the rise.

Best Practices

From case open to closure, case management and resolution processes must be efficient and effective.

  • Apply structured data collection to assure that submitted cases are complete.
  • Encourage adoption of web-based case submission.
  • Apply intelligent automation to triage and routing of new cases.
  • Deflect as cases are created.
  • Collaborate.
  • Leverage case closure automation.
  • Completely document closed cases.
  • Trigger knowledge process upon case closure.

Key Metrics

It is important to track how your customers engage your Support organization as well as the types of issues they need help with. Consider using the following metrics and measures:

  • Cases by Channel
  • Assisted Issue by Types
  • Support Access Point

What more insights about assisted support best practices and metrics?

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