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Webinar AI – A Catalyst for Support Transformation

Robert Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport and Tom Sweeny, CEO of ServiceXRG discuss the opportunities and implications of using AI in Support. This webinar explores some of the ways that AI will act as a catalyst to drive transformation of the support operating model. A link to the recorded webinar is provided below.

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AI – A Catalyst for Support Transformation

Support has been relentless in the pursuit of continuous improvement, yet the function of Support has remained fundamentally unchanged for decades. The logical evolution of Support is to focus more effort on developing and sustaining long term profitable customer relationships. Many Support organizations want to be more customer-success focused, but few have the capacity to change. To make this transition, Support resources need to focus on high value activities such as helping customers adopt and succeed with the products they purchase. AI is a critical catalyst to enable this inevitable Support transformation.

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How IBM Support Uses Watson

This Service Innovation profile highlights IBM’s use of its own Watson technologies as a platform to deliver a new approach to service delivery – Cognitive Support.
Through the Service Innovation Series, ServiceXRG highlights examples of innovative approaches to achieve service excellence.

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