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Top 11 Social Metrics for Support

Social media strategies introduce non-conventional opportunities to deliver Support. Instead of providing direct assisted services or self-help content, Support creates an environment for others within the community to provide the expertise to help other customers. As Support develops social channels it must consider how to measure the impact of these strategies relative to their pursuit of technical support excellence.

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Try Being your Own Customer

Periodically we need to stop and place ourselves in our customers shoes and experience what we ask them to experience. If you have not done so recently, call for service, try to order a product. Here is a brief reminder of why you need to try being your own customer.

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Top 10 Social Practices for Support

Social media’s ability to empower consumers by giving them the voice to discuss their problems and perceptions publicly has dramatically shifted the business/customer relationship. Companies need a strategy to engage socially with customers. Service and support organizations should view social media as a platform to gain insights about the issues, questions, and perceptions customers have about their products. If you don’t have a Social Media strategy for Support, it’s time. It’s better to start small than not start at all.

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Technical Support Excellence Defined

Technical Support Excellence is the achievement of the maximum positive impact on profitability and reputation of the company, product or brand being supported through the efficient and effective delivery of support. Technical Support Excellence does not require that every customer is delighted with every service transaction or that Support achieves a perfect Net Promoter or Customer Satisfaction score.

Excellence means that Support has defined and achieved the optimal level of performance and impact from Support delivery given current investment levels in Support and its dependencies on other organizations within the company.

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Bad Attach? Is There Such a Thing?

If you only care about the first-year revenue from support and maintenance contracts, then any attach is a good attach. If you want to maximize revenue from the support annuity , then contract attach followed by a successful renewal is essential.

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Why Your Customers Don’t Renew Service Contracts and What You Can Do About It

Why aren’t you renewing more of your service contracts. The most common reasons for non-renewal are: Lack of perceived value; a customer stops using your product; a product reaches maturity; or poor service quality. Non-renewal is also caused by poor renewal practices. This article introduces the top reasons for non-renewal and offers practical advice for how to improve renewal rates.

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