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Five Ways to Automate Service Delivery

Automation plays an increasingly important role in support case deflection and management activities. Leverage these 5 service automation strategies to free up your skilled support staff for higher value activities:

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Maximizing the Return on Your Support Knowledge Base

The Support organization encompasses extensive experience and expertise about how to use and apply products. Access to this Support knowledge is the primary reason customers contact Support. This article explains how companies can maximize the return on the creation and distribution of Support knowledge.

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Beyond Self-Service Deflection

The use of Self-Service deflection as a basis to justify investments in Self-Service fosters an expectation that it is only capable of reducing costs. This article explains why Self-Service is vital to a successful service strategy and delivers benefits well-beyond cost reduction.

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Six Steps to Measure Self-Service Deflection

Self-Service deflection is the rate at which self-help and automated resources satisfy customers’ service demands that would otherwise be handled by assisted service staff. This article introduces a concise definition for self-service deflection and lays out six steps to reliably measure this metric.

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Self-Service Deflection Performance Trends

Self-Service deflection has averaged 22.2%. In 2020 self-help deflection stood at 19.8%. The industry trend for deflection has sloped down (-.5%) during the last decade. This article provides a historic view of deflection trends from 2010 to 2020.

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The State of Self-Service Tech Support

Self-service is essential for companies meet growing support demand but should not be the only strategy companies rely on to scale support delivery. This article assesses the state of self-service tech support and examines the use of self-help and service automation.

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