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How Adoption and Success Services Drive Recurring Revenue

Services are the key to maximizing recurring revenue when companies have the capability to define, sell, and deliver the services customers need. Customers that have access to success focused services are 2.8 times more likely to continue and expand existing relationships. Find out if you offer the services your customers need.

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Customer Success Management

Customer Success Management encompasses the practices, programs, resources, tools, and metrics required to help customers successfully use products to achieve their desired business outcomes.

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Protecting Customer Data During the Support Process

With new data protection requirements and security threats it’s important that Support organizations understand their role in protecting their organizations from these risks. This article introduces how to protect customer data during multi vendor support with partners.

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How to Prioritize Service Initiatives

Your list of service initiatives is probably long, and the level of effort required to do everything exceeds the staff and or budget you have available. You can’t do it all so you need to prioritize what is most important. This article offers guidance on how to prioritize your most important initiatives.

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