Try Being your Own Customer

by May 15, 2019

Periodically we need to stop and place ourselves in our customers shoes and experience what we ask them to experience.

Over the past year I have been working on a project that has required me to contact Support for over a dozen companies – platform service providers, software vendors and hardware companies, etc. 

In general, my support experiences have been very positive.

My preference is to contact companies electronically, but every so often I pick up the phone and call (yes, you can still get support by phone). 

A recent support interaction by phone prompted me to write an article titled HAVE YOUR TRIED TO CALL YOUR COMPANY FOR SUPPORT? 

In fairness to the company (whose name I will not mention) the support they provided once I connected was very good, but

the hurdles I had to go through to get to a live person were unpleasant.

Whether you are the CEO, Chief Customer Officer, Senior Service or Sales Executive, a Support Manager or the person on the other end of the Support line – try being your customer. 

Do it more than once.

See if the experience your company provides is the one that you would like to receive. 

Make the time – it is worth it.

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