Self-Service Effectiveness

How effectively do you engage customers through self-help and community services? Do have the content customers need?  Is your web site easy to use?  Do you foster vibrant communities where customers can find answers and share ideas? Can you measure the impact and effectiveness of your self-help and community efforts?  Learn how a Self-Service Assessment will improve the effectiveness of your self-help and community efforts.

High Stakes

There is a lot at stake when you encourage your customers to use self-help and community services.  As assisted personal interactions are replaced by self-help and community interactions your ability to shape your customers’ experiences depends on the tools and content you provide. Poor content or an unnavigable site quickly undermines your ability to deliver a positive experience.

Self-service is not simply a means to save money – each interaction is an opportunity to reinforce the relationship and sustain customer loyalty.

Once on-line, your customers are just one Google search away from a variety of alternative sources of information and resources to help them satisfy their needs. Brand awareness and affinity can be undermined in an instant. Creating a positive customer experience has never been more important.  It’s also never been more challenging.

Make certain that your self-help and community initiatives enable efforts to engage and retain your customers.

Know Where You Stand

ServiceXRG offers a comprehensive self-service assessment.  We examine your current self-help and community offers to identify strengths and mitigate risks.  Our assessment provides deep insights across all aspects for your on-line presence including the following focus areas:

  • Site Design – The look and feel, navigation and aesthetics of the site.
  • Authentication & Personalization – Methods used to identify, authenticate and entitle visitor access to tools and content and to the means to provide personalized services.
  • Search and Discovery – Tools used to help visitors find the information and resources they need.
  • Content – Information resources provided to educate and inform visitors and facilitate self-services including the use of written word, examples and templates, video and other content sources.
  • Interaction – Capabilities to support community interaction, interaction with the company and escalation to assisted support from self-service sessions.
  • Effectiveness – The metrics and methods used to measure the impact and effectiveness of self-help services.

Please contact us for more information and to learn how a Self-Service Assessment will improve the effectiveness of your self-help efforts.

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