Post-Sales Organization Assessment

The Post-Sales Organization Assessment is a guided assessment available to ServiceXRG Members. If you are not currently a member the Post-Sales Organization Assessment is available as a ServiceXRG Coaching service.  Please complete the form below.



  • Customer Facing Departments and Team Inventory
  • Roles and Responsibilities by Team
  • Customer Engagement and Retention Process
  • Customer Hand Off Process
  • Measures of Success by Team
  • Level of Cooperation Among Teams
  • Shared Tools and Data

Benefits of the Assessment


  • Identify opportunities for enhanced cooperation
  • Align team goals and objectives to common outcomes
  • Develop cross-departmental customer health tracking
  • Adopt unified onboarding and success planning practices
  • Improve retention rates
  • Capitalize on customer growth opportunities

Assessment Process

  • The guided assessment consists of an interview and review of information provided by you about your Sales, Service and Renewal initiatives.
  • We will contact you to identify a convenient time to initiate the assessment and to provide an overview about the process and the information your will be required to share.
  • We will analyze the information you provide and compare it to industry best practices and performance benchmarks.
  • We will prepare an assessment report and review our findings and recommendations with you and your team.

Let’s Get Started

Tell us about you and your Sales, Service and Renewal initiatives.

Are Services, Sales and Renewal teams organized within the same department?

How would you describe the level of cooperation between service teams (Support, Training and Professional Services)?

How would you describe the level of cooperation between service teams and Sales?

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