Success Marketing Assessment


The Success Marketing Assessment is a guided assessment available to ServiceXRG Members. If you are not currently a member the Success Marketing Assessment is available as a ServiceXRG Coaching service. Complete the form below and we will contact you with the details.

Success Marketing encompasses the practices and capabilities required to successfully position and promote Customer Success and Technical Support programs and brands. The art of Success Marketing is demonstrated in the ways that service program attributes are expressed as customer benefits. The science of Success Marketing is crafting and communicating the service value proposition to prospective customers and reinforcing it with existing customers. The Success Marketing Assessment examines the following:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Established Value Proposition
  • Sales Education
  • Marketing Materials
  • Defined Customer Segments
  • Customer Needs Assessment

Assessment Process

  • The guided assessment consists of an interview and review of information provided by you about your service marketing initiatives.
  • We will contact you to identify a convenient time to initiate the assessment and to provide an overview about the process and the information your will be required to share.
  • We will analyze the information you provide and compare it to industry best practices and performance benchmarks.
  • We will prepare an assessment report and review our findings and recommendations with you and your team.

Let’s Get Started

Tell us about you and your service marketing capabilities.

Do you have a dedicated service marketing team?

How many distinct service programs or tiers do you offer?

Which best characterizes your current service value proposition?

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