Self-Assessments provide immediate feedback about specific elements of your service operation and compares your performance to industry standard practices and performance levels. In-Depth Assessments provide a more comprehensive view of service practices and performance.  Our assessments are based on industry best practices and performance research.

In-depth assessments and performance benchmarking are available across all Technical Support and Customer Success practice areas.  Contact us if you would like to arrange for a more comprehensive assessment.

Customer Success Health Assessment

How mature is your Customer Success initiative? Are you a market leader or just getting started? Evaluate your current Customer Success practices to learn your Customer Success Health Score.

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Service Renewal Assessment

How effective are your service contract renewal practices? Are you leaving money on the table? Do you know why customers cancel service contracts? Take this assessment to see where your renewal practices stand and learn how to maximize service renewal performance.

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Customer Success Management

How effectively do you engage new customers? Do have a formal onboarding process? Do you help customers plan for success with your products? Do you monitor customer health? Take this assessment to see where your practices stand and learn how to maximize customer success management.

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