Are you Ready for Customer Success?

by Apr 1, 2019

Customer Success is an effective strategy to retain and grow recurring revenues. Customer Success is not, however, a minor adjustment to traditional service and sales practices.

Get Ready for Success

Customer Success is an effective strategy to retain and grow recurring revenues.  Customer Success is not, however, a minor adjustment to traditional service and sales practices. Customer Success can be disruptive and require dramatic changes to: Service programs; delivery strategies; staff roles and responsibilities; performance metrics; inter-departmental cooperation and organizational structures.  You are ready to fully embrace Customer Success when:

  • You have established clear goals and objectives for what you expect from Customer Success activities including defined success metrics and performance targets.
  • You have executive level champions and sponsors willing to fund necessary investments and support changes to organizational structures and ways of doing business.
  • You have a plan for funding success practices and supporting necessary staffing levels.
  • You have defined the relationship between customer facing organizations and have a shared vision for how each role will contribute to overall customer success objectives.
  • Your customers are ready and willing to engage with you in high value services focused on product adoption and attainment of successful outcomes.

Next Steps

ServiceXRG offers a wealth of expertise and research to help you develop and execute an effective Customer Success strategy.

Define your Customer Success strategy

Read about the Journey from Support to Customer Success

Inventory current success-focused capabilities and practices

Take the Customer Success Health Assessment

Develop a framework for Customer Success

Review the Customer Success Operating Model

Contact ServiceXRG

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Featured: Journey from Support to Customer Success

The journey from Technical Support to Customer Success requires more than a name change or the addition of a team of Customer Success Managers. To fully embrace Customer Success, Support must rethink its role and adopt new ways to engage, retain and grow customer relationships. This Playbook provides a guided journey across four key milestones to help you define essential Customer Success capabilities.

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